Sunday, 28 February 2010

world press photo part 3

Ok, and now for the final part of this review...

Roderik Henderson shows this interesting series. You'd think anyone could take these, spending a few hours in the streets, at some traffic lights. They are haunting images... too bad Roderik doesn't tell us more about how they we're made, it's possibly a longer term project. His site is definitely worth visiting, I especially found his story in the about section amazing...

2nd prize in the portrait series on the other hand... I'm sorry, I can't make anything of this.

Women are heroes is an interesting project, too bad it only gets shown in the singles category.

Francesco Giusti finds a very nice story in Congo Brazzaville. Shows how one can have a good time even when times are rough. Inspiring people.

Joe Petersburger amazed me with his photo of a hunting kingfisher seen from below the water surface. Very well done! Waiting for his website to come back from under construction, the preview of other images by him shows some amazing work.

Another awesome nature series comes from Paul Nicklen. There's hardly more I could say about this... go spend a couple of hours on his website, it's so well worth it!

Now this is another series we could try our hands at. Peter Bialobrzeski finds this rather easily-available idea and shows it in a nice way...well done! Note to self: keep looking.

And now to this, which is one of the series that will stay with me for a while. David Chancellor comes across this amazing story, where villagers in Zimbabwe find the carcass of a fallen elephant and reduce it to bones in just two hours. But it is not only the photos which impressed me, but the story in itself, the people, the meat, the dogs, the traces... speechless.

This was about it, a selection of singles or series I found to be memorable in this years World Press Photos.

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