Friday, 12 February 2010

world press photo

so, the world press photos 2010 just came in...

interesting, as every time. moving. shocking. too shocking? the blogs and forums will surely have things to chew on the next days. 

there are things i like, and things i don't (doh!). a very first reaction would be to say there's too much blood and violence. would not showing it be an option? i can't say... i know these things happen for real, and people tend to forget about them. or rather tend not to care about them anymore, being bombarded with such news every day.

i'll stop here and show you a few things that caught my eye at a first glance.

- the winner photo? hmmm, i'm not so sure yet. the whole series i like, but that one photo alone, as the overall winner? not sure...

- i liked this series, by Olivier Laban-Mattei much more than the winning one. 

- i liked the simplicity in this one, by Kent Klich. Only now do I realise he is the author of "Children of Ceausescu" as well.

- i could have done without this, this and this ones.

- i liked this series by Charles Ommanney a lot. i like it's sense of humour and the general feeling. bush's feet look weird in at least two shots :) too much obama for you this last year? maybe, i liked this series by Callie Shell a lot too, back in perpignan when i saw it.

- this of course made me think of andrei pungovschi's photo, too bad i can't give you the direct link (first in wanderings). from the same series, i liked this one a lot.

i'll leave the rest for an up-coming post, there's too much image in my head right now...

PS: i was glad to see stephan vanfleteren as a jury member, his photos are truly impressive!

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