Sunday, 11 April 2010

P or M or...? I was telling you the other day about me trying to shoot only in M(anual) mode, in order to think more and become wiser and, in the end, take better pictures.

but as things go in life, and especially in photography, I found others to be of a different opinion. look at this interesting piece of advice on Tewfic El-Sawy's blog, who says exactly the opposite. before quoting him, let me tell you that Tewfic El-Sawy has a very interesting blog which you should add to your rss-reader if you're intro photojournalism+travel. he also organises photo expeditions which seem very interesting to me...

ok, so Tewfic says: "I frequently advise participants in my Photo~Expeditions to set their cameras on the P setting during the first couple of days of the trip, to compensate for the jet-lag fatigue, and for the sudden disorientation we all experience in a new unfamiliar environment, especially if it's at a bustling heart-pumping festival." and "So my advice is when you're not getting the exact result you seek from a particular scene for whatever reason, set your camera on P and let it rip."

his thoughts are interesting and well-worth taking into account. his post was inspired by this interview with Harry Benson published on gadgetwise, a blog of nytimes. the interview in particular didn't really inspire me, I think it's more of a sort of how-to article done by mainstream publications, where "how to loose weight", "how to raise your children", "how to get back with your ex" and "how to take better low light photos" all come in one page and are aimed at a certain public. the comments below the interview sum this up rather well. and they also contain some more valuable info, so check them :)

so there you have two great photographers telling you to trust your camera's processor and software and concentrate on the important things, like the subject. do it with feeling :)

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