Wednesday, 9 June 2010


oi! I'm back!

well I wasn't really away, anyway, but other people here in this family have more important things to do on this computer than checking rss feeds and facebook games. take diana, for example. initially, she used to be here. then, all of a sudden, she started this 59 kilo project. and now she's giving interviews here. industrious girl, isn't she?

well, yeah. and since she really needs this computer again now, I'll just point you to this other blog post here, which comes to confirm "our" theory here about mainly shooting in M-mode. if you do read romanian blogs about photography, you already know andrei pandele. if you don't know him... no, that's really impossible. if you do understand romanian and don't read his blog yet... well, you get it!

back in a couple of days, take care

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